Pricing, Convenience, and Service

How do you decide which supplier to buy from? For most companies, it is a combination of Pricing, Convenience, and Service. Usually, companies must give up one aspect for the other, but not anymore! Would you be interested in a company that has better pricing, is more convenient, and gives you better service? If so, read on! My name is Jack Edwards, and I am the President of Manufactures Direct. I would like to start off by thanking you for taking the time to read this over, and the opportunity to earn your business. We are a wholesale distributor of accessory products to the construction industry including a full line of Sealants/Adhesives, Safety Equipment, and Consumables. We service the entire Western United States, and have over 35 years experience in the Roofing/Construction industry. As mentioned above, there are generally 3 reasons a company decides to purchase from a particular vendor;

1) Pricing: Pick any product in our price list and compare it against what you are currently paying. You will see a 10% - 30% price savings!

2) Convenience: Is it convenient to send a crew down to your local supply source to pick up material? How much of your crews time is wasted with this task? We offer FREE next day delivery of materials to your shop, so your crews can spend more time working and meeting their deadlines!

3) Service: Is reliability important to you? Does your current sales representative have the product knowledge you need to do the job right? Will they make a same day delivery to you if you get in a jam? WE DO!

This is my pledge to you;

I want your business more than anyone else in the industry. I will work harder, smarter and quicker to gain and keep your business. I will respect you, your company and your needs. I will offer my products and services at the most competitive prices in the industry, and will do everything within my power to make your business life simpler, easier and cost effective.

Sincerely, Jack Edwards Owner Manufactures Direct Supply Company